Why do you need SPRAT?

  You’re a tower climber… Why would you need SPRAT? You’re the top of the class when it comes to having all of your certifications up to date, you have everything from Climber/Rescuer to RF to specialized PIM test training, you always have your files organized and certifications on you at all times. So why […]

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SEMC Flexible Steel Safety Climb Standard

Steel Safety Climb Standard

The Safety Equipment Manufacturers Committee (SEMC) has released their latest consensus document on the Flexible Steel Safety Climb Standard. The document, which is the result of years worth of work, clearly defines what the system is, when it is an appurtenance to the structure, when it becomes PPE, as well as installation guidelines and inspection requirements and […]

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FCC, OSHA Release Tower Climber Safety Guide

Tower Climber Safety Guide

The FCC and OSHA, recently released their Tower Climber Safety Guide. The guide is a result of the long-standing commitment of both agencies to ensure the safety of tower workers. They’ve hosted workshops with input from industry stakeholders to identify and establish accepted practices for performing communication towers work safely. In a joint statement, FCC […]

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Safety LMS Opens New Austin Training Facility

    Safety LMS Opens New Austin Facility On January 21st , 2017, we opened the doors for the first class in the brand-new VISTA Training Facility in Austin, TX. We are extremely proud and excited to share the news with the industry.We now have a large environmentally controlled training area with seating space for a […]

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OSHA Updates the Walking-Working Surfaces Regulation

Safety Course Breakdown OSHA Updates

OSHA Updates the Walking-Working Surfaces Regulation A Great article written by my good friend and President of Pigeon Mountain Industries (PMI), Loui Mc Curley about the latest OSHA updates. It’s here! OSHA’s long awaited revision to its general industry standards on walking-working surfaces has been published at https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2016/11/18/2016-24557/walking- working-surfaces- and-personal- protective-equipment- fall-protection- systems. This is […]

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