Site Safety Audits / Risk Assessment

Safety LMS Site Audits and Risk Assessments are designed for companies wanting to improve their crew’s safety programs, but don’t have the manpower to get to all of their sites or understand how to evaluate the crew once they are on site.

This program is highly customizable to each company’s needs and is available for small single site jobs to audits covering an entire state.


During an audit, the Safety LMS team will ensure your crews have all the current certs, their equipment is inspected and tasks are being performed to the required OSHA, ANSI & TIA standards. Safety LMS can also custom tailor an on site training program that can insure the crews get the proper hands-on training in difficult and complex tasks such as Tower Erection, Gin Pole Operations or Tower Guy Wire Plumb & Tensioning.


Safety LMS also has a custom designed Safety Management program that allows the crews to perform all required JSA/JHA, DOT and ANSI/OSHA checklists electronically from the field in real time and is up-loadable to the company’s system instantly anywhere, everywhere.


For more information on how Safety LMS can help you with your Site Safety Audits, email or call 512-710-5000