Steven Phillips

Steven started his career 20 years ago in the United States Marine Corps where he was taught the fundamentals of radio and microwave operations. He took this knowledge into the wireless industry starting as a tower hand deploying microwave dishes on the west coast, moving into raw land tower erections and site deployments. Steven became known for his troubleshooting and problem-solving skills and became the go-to guy for issue resolution. These skills helped Steve advance his career from the field into management, to safety training, and then to ownership.

As he moved up in ranks, his passion remained in training and mentoring at the field level. In joining SafetyLMS, Steven is able to combine his passion for training and his skills in problem-solving. This combination will help improve the quality of training in the telecommunication industry and change the mindset of both employers and climbers with the goal of saving lives, reducing the number of accidents and the protection of climbers.