Choose a company that takes pride in keeping their customers safe. The Safety LMS team believes that it should take more than a 4 step checklist to be re-certified in a class that could save a person’s life one day.

We love not seeing the Tower Industry in the headlines for new accidents. So we take pride in ensuring that when our customers get certifications they are learning new information and techniques that will ensure they know what to do in a life or death situation.

We are shocked that some companies are willing to give out such a basic checklist in order to re-certify your team.

The safety of our customers, and the industry as a whole for that matter, comes first and we are willing to put our money where our mouth is. If you have recently taken a class with another company and weren’t happy with the service, call and ask us about our brand new Competition Conversion Program. We promise you’ll never look back!


Demand the Best – Safety LMS