Safety LMS and PMI team up for a SPRAT® course to Columbia, MO

Safety LMS is extremely excited to announce that we will be hosting a SPRAT/Rope Access course at GME Supply headquarters in Columbia, MO.Classes are scheduled April 30th-May 4th.

The 4-day “Full Course” provides students with the knowledge and skills they need to pass the SPRAT® certification session. Testing is held on the following day after the 4-day course is completed by an independent SPRAT® Evaluator.

Rope access training is perfect for building, bridge or dam inspector, an engineer, a window washer, a tower climber, or a theatrical rigger. Adding a SPRAT® certification to your toolbox will help improve jobsite safety, efficiency, and offers the added credibility that comes with a rigidly administered third party evaluation.

Participants will learn many skills, including but not limited to:
• Ascending and descending
• Rope to rope transfers
• Passing knots
• Short and long re-belays
• Passing deviation anchors
• Passing and installing rope protection
• Basic knot craft
• The importance of fall factors
• Mechanical advantage systems
Registration deadline: April 20th
Spaces remaining: 8

“Full Course”
April 30 – May 4
Includes: SPRAT registration fee, lunch provided each day, 4 days of instruction, course material, evaluation

“Evaluation & 2 Practice Days”
May 2-4
Includes: SPRAT registration fee, 2 practice days (Intended for practice only, not instruction), evaluation

“Evaluation Only”
May 4
Includes: SPRAT registration fee, and evaluation

To register for the course visit https://www.regonline.com/pmiropeaccesscourse_May2018Columbia

For more information on the SPRAT® Course or any of our ‘regular classes’, reach out to the Safety LMS team at info@safetylms.com or (512)710-5000