Instructor Spotlight – Dave Clevinger

by | Oct 2, 2019 | News, Safety News

In the next series of emails, we are going to turn the spotlight onto the real heroes behind the Safety LMS brand, the people that continue to make the company awesome and continue to make us stand out above the rest (our non-biased opinion).

Dave Clevinger is based in Pinckney, MI and is one of Safety LMS’s Senior Instructors. Students consistently give feed back praising his honest, to the point approach to teaching. Dave has been teaching with Safety LMS since early 2016 and has a great way of taking the curriculum and putting his own twist on it. This really resonates with the students as they can tell that he is speaking from experience and that he really cares about their safety throughout the class and for the rest of their careers.

Dave started in the commercial construction industry in 1985 working as a warehouse manager and mechanic. Looking to the future he worked his way up from a laborer on projects in the field to a crew leader to a project manager to a construction manager overseeing multi-million dollar projects from the ground up on commercial building and specializing in parking decks.

In 1996 Dave moved into the Telecom industry as a project manager building sites for AT&T with success came the opportunity to move on to construction manager for Nextel overseeing most of Michigan. David is one of the founding partners in Skyline Services L.L.C. where he takes the leading role in a safety program that has been accident free for over 15 years. He has continued to advanced the safety program by teaming up with Safety LMS to insure that people get the proper training to remain safe one site.

When he isn’t travelling across the US sharing his knowledge with the newest group of climbers, Dave loves hunting, his Dogs Titan and Ceazer and his wife Pam who we would like to take this moment to apologize to and also thank for putting up with all of the time that we steal him away from home!

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