NWSA TTT1 Online Prep Course



We are extremely excited to announce the launch of our NWSA TTT1 Online Prep Course!

The Safety LMS NWSA Tower Technician 1 Online Prep Course has been designed to give the candidate for the NWSA TTT-1 exam the understanding of what to expect with the exams and a general recap of some information that may be covered in the exams.

A common theme that we have experienced while helping customers meet their NWSA requirements has been that their employees often lack the understanding for what to expect when they enter into both the written and practical NWSA exams. In this course, we break down the activities laid out in the candidate handbook to not only help companies understand how to enroll their team in the NWSA exams, but what will be covered and then what to expect when the candidate arrives at the testing facilities.

License pricing per person for the course is as follows:

  • $175/pp (1-4 participants)

Group Pricing rates listed below

  • $170/pp (5-9 participants)
  • $160/pp (10-19 participants)
  • $150/pp (20+ participants)

**This course is not a substitute for the NWSA exams and participants cannot be guaranteed a 100% pass rate. Any candidate that doesn’t feel confident with material they encounter during the course should engage their management team in order to ensure they understand the information prior to registering for the NWSA exam.

If you’d like any more information on the course please contact ben@safetylms.com or call 512-710-5000 

For managers that need to help set up the exams but don’t need information on whats in the exam, we haven’t forgotten about you – We will be launching a video shortly recapping all the steps you’ll need to follow to get your team certified!

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