Training FAQ’s – Do my certs travel with me?

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Training FAQ’s 

Do my certs travel with me?

Day to day, we receive a lot of questions from people looking to start up a company, get into the industry or just get a better overall understanding of what is required to safely and compliantly work in the Telecom Industry.

In this newsletter, we want to discuss whether an employees certification should travel with them when they leave your company, or are valid when they come to your company.

The short answer – Do your certs travel with you?
The short answer is no, an employees certification is not valid after they leave your company, when they are looking for a job, or when they come in to your company.

So, why?
Well there are a few reasons why we at Safety LMS believe they shouldn’t and we will go on to discuss these later in the article. For the main reason that they are not allowed to transfer between companies, we have to refer to OSHA’s standards for Employer Responsibilities, which states that employers “must provide safety training in a language and vocabulary workers can understand.”
When an employee comes into your company and has a certification card, or even just says that they have been trained, there is no way for your company to know how well, or with what level of detail they were trained.

What if my employees are using certs that were issued by another company?
The answer goes back to the point we made in our last FAQ newsletter “Authorized vs Competent” that, you’ll likely get away with it if no one checks. BUT, if you are unfortunate to have an accident on site, the first thing that the accident investigation workers will come in and ask is “Who is your Competent Person?” “Show me proof of their Competency”. – This competency must be made under the company they are working for or the investigators are going to treat it like there is no certification at all.

Other reasons for certifications not traveling
We understand that some training can be expensive, which is why we think it’s important to bring our customers the best training every single time that they take a class with us. Its also why we give full rights to the company that trained the employee. Companies that have a great training program and give all of their employees more than just the minimum required training don’t want to be known as a revolving door for training employees where a worker takes a job, planning to just be there long enough to get all of their certs paid for and leave for .25c more an hour.
This created higher turnover rates and unnecessarily higher overhead for the companies that are trying to lead by example in the industry.

It’s Safety LMS’s policy to always ask the certifying company if an ex-employee asks for their cert to transfer to a new company. Occasionally there are cases that a company will run out of work or close the doors and they want to be able to give their employees the best opportunity to find work elsewhere.
In this case – after we get approval from the company the certs were issued to – we will have the new company complete a competency evaluation and we will change the company name on the certification and re-issue for $25.

Although it saves a little time, in the long run – like with all safety training – cutting corners will eventually cost you more than it saved.

Those can be direct costs, like having to stop work mid-project to retrain workers, or fines and shutdowns caused by an accident. Or they can be indirect, like slowed production due to high turnover when employees don’t feel their employers are investing in safety and ongoing training.

In the long term, investing in your employees safety and training will always have a positive influence on your company, and in turn, the bottom line.

We hope that this may have answered some questions that you or your company may have been asking. If you would still like to get more information on this topic, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Over the next few weeks we will be discussing the Competent Rigging certification, Rescuer Certifications, Minimum training required to work and many more.
If you have any other topics you’d like to discuss, please let us know!

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