Safety LMS – Weekly Newsletter – 11/14/16

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Safety Course Breakdown

It’s time for another Safety Course Breakdown by Safety LMS. In this section we’ll give a quick preview of our wide selection of courses to give insight to why Safety LMS is the best training company in North America.

Competent Tower Rigging
After our overview of the popular Competent Climber/Rescuer course in our last breakdown, we’re continuing down the line to the Competent Tower Rigging course. This class is based off of the newly released ASSE/ANSI 10.48-2016 Standard. It can be tailored to focus on capstan based rigging, or gin pole for tower erection.

Safety Fact: Safety LMS was the first company in America to train to the new ANSI 10.48 standard.

During this 1-day, classroom based course, students will review skills in basic rigging principles, sling and block angle calculations. Plus, more complex rigging plan scenarios to get a practical look at the information they’re learning. These principles are crucial for all tower workers and it’s all too common to see the “close enough” mentality in students that they’ve carried over from previous training. The truth is, the slightest miscalculation in a rigging plan can cause disaster. In recent years there have been multiple accidents in this industry, which unfortunately ended in fatalities, caused by poor rigging practices that could have been completely avoided with the proper, in-depth training that Safety LMS is known for.

The specific emphasis during the course is on load calculations and rigging plans for antenna and structural modification crews for the capstan hoist course. The Gin pole based course is designed for those with more experience and focuses on tower erection and gin pole operation.

The Competent Rigging certification that students will receive after passing the class is valid for 2 years.

For more information on the Safety LMS Competent Rigging class or any of our other classes, reach out to the team at or (512)710-5000

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