Safety LMS to Begin Sending Digital Certifications

Safety LMS will begin sending out digital credentials to our customers through Sigma, a secure and verified digital credentialing platform. This reliable platform enables us to digitally send and manage the certifications and training of our customers in real time. This will make it easy for our customers and your compliance officers to verify the legitimacy of your workers credentials with the click of a button or scan of a Sigma Key (QR code) in the Sigma Admin App (iOS or Android Play Store).We have chosen to send out digital cards to efficiently address a forgery issue that has been taking place in our industry. These digital credentials are far more secure since they are sent straight from the Safety LMS database and are presented live on the Sigma platform. We do recommend checking the identity of the person on the digital card, as you would do with a physical card.

Sigma also offers an efficient verification process that your entire team can use for free. If interested, create an organization page on and begin verifying and logging credentials through the Sigma Admin app (iOS or Android) or web console. For more information or additional training on the Sigma verification tools, you may reach out directly to the Sigma Head of Business Development, Dylan Avatar, at

Note: We will continue issuing physical cards for select courses at this time.
The first set of role-outs will be on our Online classes, followed by our on-location courses.

For more information on these digital cards, reach out to the Safety LMS team at or (512)710-5000