Tower Industry Knows Best – Judge’s Ruling

by | Jul 17, 2019 | News, Safety News


Its been almost 2 years since the well documented Miami Gardens Gin Pole accident occurred and during that time the case has been examined by a number of “subject matter experts” to determine the actual cause of the rigging failure.

Last week we heard that the judge ruling on this case has vacated the proposed $12,934 fine that was issued to Tower King II after the accident. The final conclusion from the judge stated that OSHA didn’t understand the Telecom industry and consequently made a lot of mistakes during the investigation. She was even quoted in saying “It appeared to me that OSHA issued a citation simply because an accident had occurred and then struggled to define what exactly the company had done wrong.”
For more information on the accident/ruling, follow this link:

Safety LMS’s President, JP Jones, is extremely involved with the partnership between OSHA and NATE. Throughout numerous meetings, NATE has stressed to OSHA that it would be better to adopt the ANSI Standards that have been created specifically for our industry, instead of recreating the wheel when developing Standards.

JP has decades of Telecom experience and is one of only a handful of work-site forensic investigators in the nation that are called in to analyze work-sites after a tower fatality and then consult with OSHA.Tower owners to explain what happened and who was likely at fault.

Although a terribly sad situation, the final ruling from the judge should be seen as a positive for both Tower King II and the industry as a whole as it should lead the way for future decisions to lean heavily on the ANSI standards created by Telecom workers for the Telecom industry.

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