Tower Modifications 101
Majority of the existing cell phone towers located in the United States were designed and constructed when the size of the antennas had a projected area between 2 and 4 square feet and all the radio equipment was located on the ground.  Today, it seems that we are installing barn doors on the towers and most of the radio equipment is also mounted on the tower.  The result is many of these existing towers are now overstressed and must be structurally upgraded to be able to carry the increased loads.  A high percentage of tower engineers don’t know how, or are unwilling to provide the tower contractors with the information needed to safely perform these structural upgrades.  Additionally, most tower contractors don’t have sufficient understanding of how towers really work, structurally.  Without this knowledge they don’t know what questions they need to ask and may not know how to safely perform the structural upgrades designed by these engineers.

What will be Covered
“Tower Modifications 101” is a 6-hour course designed specifically for tower contractors in the business of performing tower upgrades.  The course is a greatly expanded version of the educational session – “Tower Mods and Hazards” presented at NATE 2016 in New Orleans.
The basic principles of how the different types of towers are loaded, how these loads move through the structure and what can happen when a member is removed will all be covered in detail.  Also to be covered will be how engineers analyze towers; how and why the structural upgrades are designed; how the wind effects a structure during the upgrade process; and how the contractor should prepare Rigging Plans to help safely accomplish the upgrades.  Rigging plans and the equipment and personnel involved will be covered in great detail.  We encourage the attendees to bring practical examples of current projects to the course as approximately one hour near the end of the course time will be dedicated to questions and answers.

The course will be taught by Bill Griswold of Griswold Tower Software, PC and Bruce Carmichael of AllFasteners USA, LLC

Mr. Griswold is a professional structural engineer with 43 years of structural engineering experience, including 19 years heavily involved in the tower industry.  Much more information on Mr. Griswold is available upon request.
Mr. Carmichael has been in the tower and manufacturing industry for many years. He is the inventor/co-inventor of patented products for tower modifications including the NexGen2 bolt.  Bruce’s goal is to work with contractors in the field to bring best practices, solutions, and field friendly products to market.

Safety LMS’ facility, 2000 Windy Terrace, Bldg. 16B, Cedar Park, TX, 78613

December 7th, 2017
The course will begin a 9:00 AM Central Time. Lunch will be provided.
Each attendee will receive a USB Jump Drive with the full course material and an attendance certificate.
The course has a maximum of 25 people to help encourage interaction within the group.  If demand for the course exceeds the maximum size, then another offering of the course may be scheduled. The price is $300 per person that must be paid in advance.

Please contact Ben Bowman at Safety LMS for registration info.  He can be reached via email at ben@safetylms.com or by phone at (512) 710-5000.