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Safety LMS has partnered with GME Supply to negotiate discounted prices for anyone attending one of our Climber/Rescuer class. We are the experts in the training industry, and GME Supply is the Gear Experts.

Elk River Peregrine RAS Platinum Series 67630 Harness

The Elk River Peregrine RAS Platinum Series 67630 Harness has an adjustable and removable aluminum bar seat. This series offers six D-rings: one aluminum 70 degree D-ring at back, and two on hips, two aluminum D-rings on seat strap, one steel D-ring on the chest strap. For comfort, this harness has breathable padding on back/shoulder, waist, bar seat, and leg straps.


SafeWaze V-Line 6 Foot Dual-Leg Low-Profile Lanyard with Pelican Hooks

The SafeWaze V-Line is a low profile, energy-absorbing lanyard gives you the maneuverability you need with the safety you demand. The stamped steel rebar snap hooks have high breaking strength and easy operation. The low profile and low weight are easier on the body making those long days a little bit easier. In the event of a fall, the internal shock tear away lessens body impact while still providing the required fall arrest energy absorption.

Petzl Vertex Vent Helmet

With its strong chin strap, the Petzl Vertex Vent helmet sets the standard in head protection for workers at height. Ventilation holes with adjustable sliding shutters allow air to circulate in the helmet when needed. Its six-point mesh headband ensures comfort, and its CenterFit adjustment system adjusts the headband and keeps it centered on the head. The Vertex Vent is designed to optimally accept hearing protection, the specific VIZIR visor, or a PIXA headlamp.


Westfall Pro 7475 Spreader Bar

Our Best Value! Used to assist in relieving pressure on the waist and hips while sitting or leaning in a work position. Spreader Bar Application. It features Double locking gates on both snap hooks for secure connections. It is 100% proof loaded to 3,600 lbf (16 kN) and has a Min Tensile Strength of 5,000 lbf ( 22 kN).

Petzl I’D D020AA00​ Small Self-Braking Rope Descender

The Petzl self-braking I’D descender has an ergonomic handle that allows comfortable descent control.


Petzl L052AA​ Grillon Adjustable Positioning Lanyard

The Petzl L52A Portable Grillon Lifeline Lanyard is the industry leader in positioning lanyards. With its flexible design and advanced technology, this portable Grillon has remained a staple in safety gear for many industries, especially tower climbing. This lanyard has a removable protective sheath protects the rope from abrasive contact and favors smooth rope glide.

Cable Safety Sleeves

All cable safety sleeves have the same purpose and function the same way: they attach to your chest D-ring and lock onto the cable attached to the safe climb system in the event of a fall. While they all serve the same purpose, not all cable safety sleeves are made equal. Some things to consider when looking at a new cable safety sleeve are


How easy it is to install on the rope (some cable grabs require two hands, while others can be installed with one.


Does it have added safety features (like the inability to install the device on the rope if it is upside down).


How does it handle cable guides (does the cable safety sleeve glide over cable guides without requiring any effort from you)


What size rope is it compatible with.

GME Supply Carabiner Variety Pack

Purchase all your carabiners in a bundle to save money! Our Carabiner Variety Pack includes 10 of our most popular carabiners used for tower climbing and other applications.

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