You’re a tower climber… Why would you need SPRAT?

You’re the top of the class when it comes to having all of your certifications up to date, you have everything from Climber/Rescuer to RF to specialized PIM test training, you always have your files organized and certifications on you at all times.

So why would you have any interest in a SPRAT class? It’s just another 4-5 days of class that are not really required by any tower owner in the U.S., Right?! Wrong!

SPRAT classes are a great way to advance your overall climbing skills. You’ll learn techniques that will help you complete jobs safer and more efficiently.

Take some time this September from the 11-15th to invest in your career, in your employees’ career and come experience the first ever SPRAT class held at our brand new indoor training facility in Austin TX.

For more information on the course, contact Safety LMS at 512-710- 5000 or via email at