Search for in-person certifications below. If you are searching for a certification from an online class or a certification that doesn’t have a picture attached, please contact Jackson at jackson@safetylms.com

All Safety LMS certifications produced after April 28, 2020, are verifiable within seconds with a quick scan of the QR code

How will the tool help

Faster/Easier onboarding with contractors. Due to the speed at which your certifications can be validated, there is less time between you submitting your documents to being able to start work.
More Control. ALL companies with a Safety LMS certification, will be able to manage those certifications for free. At the click of a button managers will be able to disable certifications of employees that are no longer with the company. Learn more about this tool HERE

General Contractors, Carriers & Tower Owners
Fraudulent certs are everywhere in the tower industry, and with technology improving, companies are getting better at faking them! Now, this tool will let you know – in just a few seconds – with 100% certainty whether the certifications have been issued from Safety LMS or not

Check out the video below for more information on this tool

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